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Welcome to Equality Matters

As specialists in the field of equality & diversity, you can rely on us to provide truly managed equality & diversity training & consultancy solutions.

Equality Matters will provide you with expert support which will complement your organisations' commitment to all the UK Government's equality legislation and specifically the Equality Act 2010 by:

  • Stimulating change from the top of your organisation
  • Creating equality & diversity awareness across operational functions/staff
  • Deploying a sustainable culture of best practice
  • Delivering inclusive policies, procedures & business practices
  • Realising your legal obligations and,
  • Supporting your strategies as an Inclusive Organisation, your Corporate Social Responsibility or, your Diversity Charter
  • Protecting your organisation against discrimination claims in employment or the services you provide

Equality Matters services support your commitments to diversity, equality and anti-discrimination practices, delivered through our core services of:

  • DVD-Rom based training
  • Online/eLearning based training
  • Classroom based training
  • Consultancy & tailored solutions

Equality Matters have addressed all six forms of discrimination and all nine of the protected characteristics contained in the Equality Act 2010, and these are central to our training courses.

If you are seeking a training & consultancy partner who will deliver on agility and consistency, options to deliver training to meet your preferred style and with an impressive return on investment then you are in the right place.

Please use the "Quick Contact" fields to tell us what method of delivery you'd like more information about - we'll call you back, ask a few questions, discuss your objectives, the best way to deliver on them and our prices.

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